• Before visiting us to workout IN ANY FORM please create a profile on our booking system and complete the online waiver.

  • Contact us ahead of time if you have any concerns such as past injuries or potential class scheduling injuries.

  • Be sure to let us know what your goals are and what you are looking to achieve (weight loss, to get stronger/faster/fitter for a specific purpose or just looking for something different).

  • Please stick with SCCF classes for at least 3 months. The value we offer is in our programming and coaching, We promise you will have fun and you will see improvements.


There's a perception that CrossFit is expensive. Sure, compared to other gym memberships it can appear expensive but check our rates and then consider the following. As an SCCF member you get access to smartly programmed, intensively coached classes. You'll join a highly motivated, fully inclusive community and will quite possibly, after a relatively short period find yourself in the best shape of your life. Another thing to consider is what would 3-5 hours personal training cost. I'm not saying our classes offer exactly the same level of attention but at my estimate the PT would cost you £60-£100 PER WEEK. 

To get the most value from your membership we suggest that you:

Take advantage of our free taster classes (these are announced periodically) and the join our Elements program. It currently costs £40 and affords you a minimum of three specific instructional classes (which can be completed in a week) followed by the remainder of the month as a 3 classes a week member.

Join for the long haul. We offer memberships covering one month, three months and one year. Consider what you are willing to commit to. The longer the span of membership, the cheaper the cost per class.

Use our classes. As mentioned our programming is very smart and we value our coaching most highly. We offer 'open' gym, sure but you'll get the most bang for your buck from the classes. If you feel you need more there are always a couple of 'extra credit' workouts you can get stuck in to. 

We believe that our program offers you the biggest return (in terms of physical adaptation, body change and health improvement) in the most cost effective package. Yes, this stuff is hard but the best way to get stronger is to lift heavy stuff. Training with us may at times feel scary and painful. your lung may burn and your heart feel like it's going to leap from your chest. Your arms and legs will ache. You will have bumps and scrapes with hard metal objects. We WILL make you uncomfortable! But guess what? The pay offs you'll receive from little effort are small. If you're willing to dedicate yourself to us we'll work you HARD but the rewards you will reap will be much greater. See our testimonials... 

What you are paying for is improved health and fitness. To be more ready for and have a higher quality of life. Do you have a cut-price answer to that?


Experienced CrossFitters (have taken an 'on ramp' type program at another affiliate and trained for at least 3 months) may bypass the Elements course and immediately join classes as a regular member.