Monday 19th September

We’ve dropped a few hints and several people have been digging through the booking system to find out as much as they can in advance, but here’s the official piece.

Great news! The timetable is expanding!

Thursday has now been dragged (kicking and screaming) into line with the rest of the weekdays so you’ll notice that there’s a class at 0630 for you early morning types, and a full compliment of classes from 1630 through to 1930.

Friday mornings will see a new time slot on trial - the 0730.  We’ve heard requests for more classes in the mornings and here’s an experiment to see if the physical demand matches the verbal demand.

There is a new type of class in town on Tuesday @ 1730, Thursday @ 1830 and Sunday @ 1000.  Sweat class will be a high intensity class without any technical movements, and is the logical replacement for the Metcon class that has been popular on a Thursday evening up until now.

Don’t worry about the Free CrossFit class disappearing - that friend you’ve always been badgering to come and join us can get two weeks of Sweat classes for free by following this link

The only other thing to note is that after Sweat on a Sunday the Open Gym slot will more often than not have an inclusive group throwing down together in it, but will not be a coached class like in previous weeks when Competitor’s has been on.  Expect to push the group and to be pushed by the group.  Bring some ideas and an appetite for hard work.

Monday's workout

Complete with a partner, 4 sets of 2:30 on, 2:30 off each on each part

A - Run 400m + 10 shoulder to overhead @ 60/40kg + max rep burpees

B - Run 400m + 20 kettlebell swings @ 32/24kg + max rep double unders