Monday 15th December 2014


Hopefully you all enjoyed the post about the power of positive thinking yesterday. Are there any other topics you'd like to see articles written on in the coming weeks?

You guys asked and we have answered - the long awaited SCCF Christmas WOD is this Saturday at 0900. Make sure you book your place as they tend to be memorable! The rest of the festive timetable is being finalised and will appear on here in the next few days.

Thanks to all those who got organised and entered the Dirty Thirty Throwdown at Unit 22 CrossFit on January 24th 2015. We are taking 11 teams down to what promises to be an awesome day of fun and frolics.

Today's workout

A1 - Front squat 3 x 6
A2 - Box jump 3 x 3

B - Every 45 seconds for 16 sets: 2 deadlifts @ 120/80kg + 2 strict pull ups