Monday 4th September


Movements for Monday's Workout

Box Jump

Don't Stop Moving 

First ever Functional Bodybuilding Class at SCCF @ 18:00 - 19:00
Be there to get Square! 


Committed Club!

Some of you may have seen the SCCF Committed Club on the board, so this is a little info blast about it:

What is the SCCF Committed Club?
It is just a small way that we can all recognise those amongst us who have made a commitment to their health and fitness as well as to SCCF.

How do I become a part of it?
You can only earn your place by coming to the gym for 20 separate visits in any one calendar month. 

What happens next month?
We check up on class and open gym registers to find out who has made the board for the following month.

The members of August's Committed Club are:
Ash Sutherland
Danni Jayes
Molly Fowler
Beth Smith
Matt Eagles
Kasel Kundola
Helen Colson
Ben Tucker
Mike Glynn
Javier Escobar
Elise Robert





Sunday's Byron Burger social was full of many great things, food, friends and fmilkshakes (I tried to make it an alliteration). Thank you Ash Sutherland for organising it all! 

Here's to another great week of training! 

See ya on the flip side!
Lil G OUT!