Strength in Depth 2017

⭐ Strength in Depth announcement ⭐

SCCF are hoping to enter a team into Strength in Depth

The team will consist of 12 members (7 male and 5 female) but MUST include two masters (one must be male and one female, one over 35 and one over 40)

There are 3 qualifiers!!!!!
Qualifier 1 is individual
Qualifier 2 is in pairs and released 6th July
Qualifier 3 is in fours and released 10th August

Finals are held on 4/5th November!!!!

Qualifier 1 is;
Ground to overhead (40/30kg)
Burpees over the bar

SCCF will be hitting Qualifier 1 on Friday 23rd June in a Friday Night Lights shenanigans!!!!!!

Just like we did for the Open, everyone getting together, playing CrossFit together, judging/cheering on our friends/frenemies!!!! 
Great opportunity to re-ignite those head-to-heads!!!!!

If you're interested (which I hope you all are) head over to the website and register via the link below.
Gareth will then add you to the SCCF Tribe!!!!!!