Tuesday 7th June

Paul was incredibly dedicated to good movement over the 15 minutes this morning; Alice Brown worked really hard start to finish, with great positions on the crab walk and bear crawls; Maggie actively sought to improve her squat; Darren moved deliberately well in the conditioning piece at the end; Ross and Beth both moved consistently well through the entire class; Ricky had an emotional battle with the heavy weights and high reps but pushed through and prevailed; Fabian worked hard on her Squats, making a conscious effort not to let her form falter; Ed moved well thought the whole session, consistent with his form; Ash, Frank and Marcus took themselves to some dark place, and kept themselves moving throughout the Metcon; Liz was back today and even though it was hard to come back post scone and cheese honeymoon she pushed on!

In teams of 3, complete 30 minutes of work: 1 minute AMRAP the 2 minutes rest each:

1 min to complete 1 round of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 squats)

Then AMRAP burpee box jump overs @ 24/20”.