Tuesday 10th May

Sean worked really hard this morning on all elements, his back squat has came on massively! Eve went out like a machine, always works to her full potential every time she comes to the session! Brilliant squats from Jan! Shelly b pushed herself to the end on the metcon without letting form slip at all! Great push on the metcon from Nick, really went balls to the wall! Fernando worked hard on the squats then kept great form throughout the workout. Maggie picked up a heavier weight for the farmers carries than she wanted to, and then moved well with it! Ricky pushed hard on the metcon and took himself to the dark place!
Ashley's back squat strength and movement is improving leaps and bounds! Wardy almost had a mare on his third set of squats but pulled it together and put the pedal to the floor to finish his final set of 5 with a strong performance! Frank worked consistently hard through the squats and burpees to finish first! And well done to Sam Jennings for coming back after nearly two years and working hard to go as heavy as he could whilst remaining conscious of his form!

Part A: Hang power snatch EMOM 12 OR Hang power snatch + overhead squat EMOM 12

Part B: Strict pull up 3 x max reps, 90 seconds rest

Part C: 12 minute AMRAP:

12 alternating DB snatch @ 27.5/20kg, 12 over box jumps @ 24/20”, 12 calorie row