Saturday 20th May

Rachel dropped in from the states and got stuck in with the class today; Craig Walley moved well this morning from deadlifts right through to the conditioning at the end; Ross dug in deep throughout the class, holding great form and, stayed after to work on weaknesses as well; Mim chipped away at her pistols despite hating them; Sean discovered that he could do a variation of a pistol to his delight; Gary Collins went nuts on the workout, he was so proud of his work and loved every second of it!


Part A: Back squat 3 x 5 +2.5kg from last session

Part B: 4 x 45 seconds:

Double KB bent over row

Single DB floor press

Box push

Part C: 7 minute AMRAP:

Hang clusters @ 50/35kg

Every break = 5 lateral burpees