Wednesday 18th May

Leonie is back after a stint away and still hitting great squats; Clayton went to a dark place on the goblet squats; great to see Rachel who dropped in from the states; Great squats from Amy Jeffs taking on the pointers from last week; Awesome man off between Jan and Sam on the metcon, (with Jan winning); Nik went faster than he wanted to, which is always awesome; Jodie pulled the bar in tight for great form on her squats; Mim moved really well on some HEAVY squats; Gary Collins pushed hard on that sweaty metcon too; Piotr sorted his grip out on his squats and discovered he was stronger than he thought, he also gave up smoking a week ago so huge congratulations for that!; Sarah Wilson battled harder in that session than she thought she ever would, having bailed her second squat of the last set- got back under the bar to complete all 5 reps, and then took on that metcon with fire in her belly to keep moving the kettle bell!

In pairs alternating exercises: 20min AMRAP:

35 Double unders

5 thrusters @ 60/40kg

5 bar facing burpees