Tuesday 17th May

Sarah hit a clean PB at lunchtime and managed the complex on that weight as well! Martha stuck at a lower weight and worked in technique taking on coaching points well! Lyndsey worked at a great consistent pace throughout the metcon and Harrison stuck at the strict HSPU even when he fatigued! Alice smashed her first class on great spirit! Wilson went ham on the workout! Great deadlifts from Karen again! Beth got moving to warm up before class! Connor and Rich were both super coachable as the weight got heavier and still determined to go with beautiful movement! Ally has been tenacious with her barbell work in class and it's really showing! M'Burg stayed tight in the strict HSPU which is so important! Ying hit some super positions! Everyone out of the recent elements was working super hard to get into good positions on the bar!


Part A: Back Squat 3 x 5 (+2.5kg from last session)

Part B: 4 x 45 seconds: DB Seesaw press, Band Pull Downs, Single arm farmers walk.

Part C: For time: 27-21-15-9

Goblet squats @24kg

Russian KB swings @24kg

After 9 swings, run 800m