Saturday 14th May

Shout out to Clayton for pushing though on the Metcon, he worked hard to maintain a nice pace on each element! Adele, Eve and Yolande worked hard to maintain consistent TTB on the Metcon! Harry gets a shout out for 'that face' (see below, sorry Harry!)! Martha working hard as always! Great show from Scott on the wall balls and linking TTB for the first time! Gary Collins got TTB for the first time! Eamons TTB looked great! Great squats from Beth again! Great squats from rani working hard! Barbell hold got everyone sweating hard awesome work on the metcon from ed!

Part A: Deadlift 2 x 5 1 x 15-20

Part B: Strict chin up 3 x max reps, 90 seconds rest

14 minute AMRAP:

20 thrusters @ 40/25kg, 20 box jumps @ 24/20”.

20 thrusters @ 50/32.5kg, 20 box jumps @ 24/20”,

20 thrusters @ 60/40kg 20 box jumps @ 24/20”,

20 thrusters @ 70/45kg, 20 box jumps @ 24/20”,

Max reps thrusters @ 80/52.5kg