Thursday 12th May

Joe Rooney worked hard for his pistols! 06.30 class took coaching points on and dived in head first to a tough wod! Mim worked hard on her HSPU! Lucy worked really hard to get her pistols out and showed awesome HSPU! Harrison's movement and HSPU were awesome! Martin smashed a load of pull-ups after being convinced to go RX! Piotr learned HSPU for the first time and proceeded to go RX and smash out a load of them! Frankie moved well the whole session! Ross- great technique on the pistols a solid position! Yan - took on coaching tips and improved his skill work throughout each round! Harry and Kyle great effort on the entire wod and nice to see them smashing out full pistols! George was looking strong on his handstand press ups!

METCON 30 minutes:

15 seconds mountain climbers, 15 seconds rest

15 seconds hang DB snatch, 15 seconds rest

15 seconds box push, 15 seconds rest