Tuesday 19th April

Sarah and Helen tackled some fears getting upside down this morning, while Clayton's time in barbell last week paid off with a power clean PB! Nick time spent outside of class working on his HSPU and double unders which really showed today! Charlie Leachman smashed her 3RM then kept the 90% reps just as pretty! Gemma had a great day with a PB on the power clean then assisted with awesome demos on the HSPU! Ally and Maggie both put in huge effort to hit the right positions in class! Ian, Connor and Darren spent some time upside down with good confidence! Ashley and Jan both started to pick up the kipping on TTB nicely! Charlie worked ferociously hard on the power cleans so much so that he left half his shin attached to the bar! Amy worked hard on conquering her fears of box jumps and added more height to her stack of plates! Becky looked like she has been doing handstands for years on the wall climbs! 

Part A: Back squat 3 x 5 +2.5kg from last session

Part B: 4 x 45 seconds DB strict press

4 x 45 seconds Band pull downs

4 x 45 seconds Single arm farmers walk.

Part C: 2 rounds for time: 15 chin ups 25 press ups 35 wall balls