Saturday 23rd April

Rui and Joanna tried hard on their negative pull ups looking strong and well controlled!  Harrison battled with the wod, great form throughout nice and consistent! Jan pushed himself through the deadlifts then strapped the vest on for his pull ups! Jonny (joined this week) was super friendly with everyone! Jodie (joined yesterday) hung around to work on some drills to improve her squat technique with load! Will H hit his first class after a few months in barbell, really coachable, took points on well and improved quickly throughout the class!

Part A: Back squat 3 x 5 +2.5kg from last session

Part B: 4 x 45 seconds BB bent over row @ ~40/25kg

4 x 45 seconds Single DB floor press

4 x 45 seconds Double KB rack carry

Part C: For time: Run 800m, 40 TTB, 30 front squats @ 50/35kg, 20 burpee box jumps