Wednesday 13th April

Rich S moved really well this morning, showing some great work on his power snatch! Ali Coleman worked hard throughout and cracked out some epic bear crawls! Ams rocked it again! Dre, Gem and Sara all got super competitive on the metcon whilst keeping good form on the bear crawls! Donna brought a great attitude to class and was totally into the coaching on the snatches! Rui had a stormer in her first class! Ashley and Charlie were aggressive whilst snatching! Tomasz set a blistering pace on the conditioning and was still running back to his kettlebell in the 10th minute! Paul set about making his bear crawls better and better each round despite being under fatigue!

For time in pairs:

100 calorie row

20 overhead squats @ 40/25kg

80 calorie row

40 front squats

60 calorie row

60 thrusters

40 calorie row

80 box jumps

20 calorie row

100 pull ups