Thursday 31st March

Phil has been working hard to nail his positions recently; Becky working hard on her snatch tekkers last night showed off this morning; Diego worked hard as always taking on coaching points about his footwork; Pete went all out on his lifts and looked solid; Charlie worked hard throughout the WOD; Griff pushed hard on his lifts (PB!) and stormed the run; Lianne also PB'd and managed to clean her front squat weight; Amir actually took part in a class and ran a whole mile; Maté lifted really well to hit some PB's; and Ally beat some fears and really got into the workout! So much great work going on at SCCF! Keep it up gang!

Thursday Metcon:

1 = 1 strict round of Cindy
2 = 8 x 10m burpee shuttles
3 = row 20/16 calories
4 = rest