Wednesday 16th March

Tuesday saw lots of improvement for a number of people, big shout out to: Martin for using double unders in a WOD for the first time today after continuous daily practice! Adele also got her DUs today! Rich S used strict C2B pull ups for the whole WOD! Sophie got a PB for her double unders and even got one in the WOD! Katie found new, uncharted depths in her back squat! Mitch put alot of work into maintaining his elbow position in the front rack! and Joe W smashed the WOD! Also Adam (from Crossfit Wirral) put in a lot of effort during the WOD and bonded well with the class!

In teams of 3:

Row 10000m and complete 150 hang clusters @ 50/35kg.

1 person rowing, 1 person on the barbell, 1 person resting