Monday 8th February

Weekend full of action to finish off testing week with a blast!

Well done to everyone who represented SCCF this weekend at Wild West, scroll down to see the happy teams at the end of the weekend.

Monday WOD:

Part A: EMOM 16 - Odd = back squat (to 2RM), Even = 5-8 strict pull ups

Part B: Back squat - 1 x max reps @ 80% 2RM

Part C: 10 min AMRAP

20 lateral burpees,  15 front squats @ 40/25,

20 lateral burpees, 15 front squats @ 50/30kg,

20 lateral burpees, 15 front squats @ 60/35kg,

20 lateral burpees, max front squats @ 70/40kg

Board from Saturday morning soggy Christine!

Sweaty (some blurry) teams from the weekend! #SCCFStrong Well done guys!

Here is the board from Friday as well, so many people putting in a great time!