Friday 28th October

There are now just 3 days left to secure your places at Winter Slam and the SCCF Christmas Social on November 19th - make sure you don’t miss out!


There'll be a day of team based fitness with friends followed by an evening of eating, drinking and socialising - what more could you ask for?

Winter Slam will be a team competition in a similar format to previous ones where all members signed up will be placed onto a balanced team to compete across a variety of events.  If you're unsure about how this will work, just grab any coach or any member who was part of the last one in January for full details.  Entry will be just £10. 

The SCCF Christmas Social will be at The Plough, Harborne.  Your ticket will get your food, at least one drink and the company of plenty of SCCFers (partners, spouses, family and friends are all welcome as well) for an evening of fun and [early] festivities before everyone's party diary fills up in December.  



If you still have friends who are undecided about when to join SCCF, then please remind them that the current FREE two week trial of up to 6 Sweat classes may not last forever.

Sweat classes feature plenty of fun and fitness with friends without technical movements.  They run on Tuesdays @ 1730, Thursdays @ 1830 and Sundays @ 0900 and 1000.

Click here before it's too late -

Friday's workout


A - Every 2 minutes x 6 sets

1 snatch pull + 1 snatch

B - As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

20 dumbbell snatch @ 22.5/15kg

30 goblet walking lunges with dumbbell

400m run