Saturday 8th August


Over the comping weekends there are a stream of competitions with SCCF athletes in the running. This weekend we have European Inferno. Several pairs have travelled from the box to throw down in Cardiff. CrossFit Blackfriars are also in the running so keep an eye out for those guys too. Look out for on the floor reports in the members group. You can keep an eye on the leaderboard here. Fergie is threatening to whip out his Periscope so if that kind of thing interests you look up @CFBlackfriars in your app and see what shenanigans the Irish man is up to. 

Meanwhile, at home...


8 Rounds For Time:

21 Box Jumps
11 Power Cleans
8 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups 


Sunday 9th August

Note that there is no Competitors class tomorrow. Mostly as a large number of competitors are competiting. There will be work on the board for those interested. It'll look like...

a) Establish a Front Squat 5RM
b) Front Squat 5x5 @ 90% of a)

c) 4 GIANT sets of: (resting 30s between movements)

8 Bench Press
8 Pull-Ups
8 Shoulder Press
8 Bent over Row

d) With a clock running for 10 minutes complete 50 Burpee over Rower then in remaining time Row on said rower for max distance (meters)

That should round out your weekend nicely!