Thursday 30th July


Today's a fairly regular Thursday and so there's no programmed workout today. Use the time to catch-up on the things you missed, to do the things you need to do (mobility, anyone?) or REST.


Shout outs!

We've been missing a member of the month for a while now. So it seems about right we have a bit of a roll call... Acknowledgements go out to the following folks. Give them a hug and a cheer when you next get the opportunity.

Andrea Wesley - was due to be member of the month before the newsletter got 'parked'. At that time she had the highest attendance rate (according to TeamUp) for the first quarter of 2015. Other than turning up a lot, Dre consistently works hard, puts as much time in to the stuff that doesn't come so easy, is mostly armed with a smile, welcomes all and radiates an infectiously positive attitude. 
Evie & Griff - have been interning with us for a while and will shortly head off to complete their CrossFit Level 1 certification.
Gemma Thomas - for being generally sweet and helpful.
Marcus Davis - recently topped and tailed his work day with an SCCF course. I'm not going to recommend that as a general play but in this particular case Marcus lived to tell the tale.



Free Taster Class - It's not too late to get in on the FREE tasters being put on today. Book below...

Tribal Clash - There's a team heading to Devon for this event running 21st-23rd August. I'm guessing the team is complete but speak to him if interested in joining the spectator crowd. This is the third year of Tribal Clash and the third year Second City CrossFit have competed. There is no doubt that this will be spectacular and well worth a weekend away from home.  

Second City Super Total - Weight lifting competition on Saturday 29th August. Make a max effort lift in each of five categories (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench and Deadlift). Judged to IWF and IPF standards. £20 entry. Open to all. Book here.

Raging Dave wants it to be clear that rankings will not be made on absolute weights. Adjustments will be made based on weight 'class' using the Sinclair and/or Wilks coefficient(s). Go read the links but basically no-one should feel excluded because '(s)he's bigger/stronger than me'. Rules and standards will be released soon so it'll be clear to all ahead of time how the competition will run and what rules and standards will be followed.


Performance Tracking

It's generally recognised that tracking your performance in training is a good thing...

For the last few weeks Caspers little helpers have been playing with Beyond The Whiteboard. It's an online tracking system (website or app) that allows you to keep tabs on your workouts alongside 1RMs and other 'lifestyle' metrics, such as how much sleep you got, whether you were adequately hydrated, how training felt that day, etc. All of this could be kept in a training diary (some prefer a pen & paper approach) but another thing beyondthewhiteboard will do is let you compare your results against other members. If the workout is a recognised benchmark you can compare against any other CrossFitting beyondthewhiteboard member. It's pretty cool stuff. It's not the slickest presentation ever, and given it's age it's probably a little out of date but you can get a feel for what this is in the following video.

At the moment we're still very much in the  trial stages. There's a cost to the use of the system so I'm trying to get a decent test group together so we can properly understand how we can best use it, is it right for us and possibly most importantly how we fund use of the system. There are two ways to get access to btwb. There are personal subscriptions (costs you) and box subscriptions (costs us). The box subscriptions are cheaper per individual but are sold in chunks (25 users, 50 users, 100 users, etc). If there's a demand for this system then we would probably introduce some kind of membership bolt-on component but what exactly that would look like is something we'll visit somewhere down the line. 

If you've any interest in this and possibly becoming involved in the trial let me know and we can have a chat about things. Also you can speak to Maté, Gareth, Andrea and Scott about how they have been getting on with the beyondthewhiteboard


Something before bedtime

Here's a couple of articles that you may or may not enjoy and which you may or may not use to start a conversation with someone.

Freakonomics: The Economics of Sleep pt1 and pt2

If you need a little more sleep propaganda, try this short 1950s 'Sleep for Health' informational film.

8 Stunning Portraits of People With Autism That Shatter Stereotypes About the Spectrum


Other Stuffs

We've gained a few members since I last prompted on this... There's a members group on facebook where you can keep up on the local news and banter. There're actually a number of them now but let's start you on the gateway group.

Vests -  If you think you were on the initial SCCF STRONG vest order then I might have something for you. Come find me...

Oh, yeah. And this... I can find absolutely no way to justify it appearing on the Second City CrossFit blog, but what the heck. For your entertainment...