Friday 22nd May

Don't forget it's a Bank Holiday on Monday so no evening classes. There's a class for all starting at 10am. Book in and be there. The SCCF SUPERCHARGED talk follows at 12:30.

Advance notice: Trinity Games will take over the box on June 13th so NO CLASSES that day. It'll be a great day though. Unit 22 CrossFit and Blackfriars CrossFit will be joining us for an all-day throwdown. If you're not competing it'll still be great fun. There'll be a general need for helping hands too so if you feel that's more your area let us know.

Todays reading ahead of the SCCF SUPERCHARGED challenge.

There seems to be assumption in these articles that you have the capacity to become a crazed meat eater. And to be fair why wouldn't you? ;) Have a browse regardless, there's discussion on proteins and amino acids which is good to know. I've thrown a token article at the end to catch a few questions specific to the veggies. 

The Basics of Protein for Staying Lean and Gaining Muscle  
5 Reasons You May Need More Protein
How to Build Muscle Mass on a Plant Based Diet

Come Monday Gareth will be able to go into more detail and have suggestions for both sides of the meat eating fence.



a) Press 5 x 2 @ 85%
b) For time:

15 Shoulder to OverHead
30 Burpee over Box
12 Shoulder to OverHead
24 Burpee over Box
9 Shoulder to OverHead
18 Burpee over Box
6 Shoulder to OverHead
12 Burpee over Box
3 Shoulder to OverHead
6 Burpee over Box