Tuesday 10th March 2015

15.2 Scores are all submitted and validated. Good work guys. This one was tricky with the OHS and pull-ups proving problematic for many. No reason to get down though, valiant efforts from all. Three weeks remaining. It continues...


You can place your shirt orders RIGHT NOW!

Pretty much all you need to know is in the image above. T-shirts are available in mens & ladies sizes and are available in four colours - £20. Baseball shirts come in three colours and are unisex/mens - £25.

The options on vests are being investigated. Expect those to come online in a week or two.

Todays WOD

a) 15 minutes to set a 15RM overhead squat

b) For 16 minutes - EMOM:

Odd = 5-10 chin ups 
Even = 5 DB hang power clean + push jerk