Intramural Open Scores 19.3

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After the dumbbell had given your legs a deeeeeeeep burn, 19.3 was mostly a question of have you got any strict handstand press ups? If you’ve got some, how many have you got and how quickly can you recover between sets?

The 10 minute timecap was short and definitely pushed people on to moving faster on the lunges and step ups than they thought they could, so even those with limited handstand strength were given the chance to push for a fast split time (and wonder why their booty cheeks were so sore on Saturday!).

For a full write up and breakdown of scores by percentile, head over to The CrossFit Games website

Onwards to the most important piece of this blog post - the Intramural Open scores….

Team Aromas 

19.3 - 116

Running Total - 268

It was a massive week for Aromas who scored the most points across all teams, predominantly from judging. Lianne judged the most out of anyone over the 3 weeks so far & earned bonus points alongside this for spending most of Friday and Saturday attached to that clipboard. Chloe also earned bonus points for her positivity throughout the evening. 

Team Carson

19.3 - 81 points 

Running Total - 265

Louise & Lisa’s names are cropping up again. Louise put in another great stint on the judging front & Lisa earned bonus points for her positive can do attitude with a heavier dumbbell than she’s ever wielded in anger before!

Team Madison 

19.3 - 87 points 

Running Total - 280

Madison are still out in front but the others are closer than ever before and it is coming down to the final two weeks. Lots of points this week were earned based on performances with several members making the most of those extra points available for a head to head.  Sara was top performer this week for Madison & also earned some bonus points for being one of the first to offer a hand tidying up at the end of the evening. 

The bonus performance points for the week went to Ben Parsons, Gaz George & Matt Alcock on the boys’ side & Sara, Chloe and Sally on the girls’ side.

Who wants their name commemorated on a wall banner at SCCF the most?

With just 2 weeks left - it’s all to play for after Aromas’ UNBELIEEEEEEEEEEVABLE come back.

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Intramural Open Scores 19.2

The bars have been cleaned away, the toes have left the bar and the skipping ropes are hanging back up - the stage is now set for Friday Night Lights 19.3.

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Before we get there though it’s time to report on the team totals and recognise some extra efforts that people have been making during workouts and around the gym in general.

For a full breakdown and analysis of all the data that was submitted to click here

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Team Carson 

19.2 - 90  

Running Total - 184

Louise led from the front putting in a massive shift judging this week with 9points earned just from judging.

Lyndsey earned her team some bonus points for doing the workout in the afternoon and then returning for the evening to judge.

Midge also bumped up his team total with the bonus points he got for being super helpful clearing away kit at the end of the evening when everyone knew how thirsty he was!

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Team Aromas 

19.2 - 77

Running total - 152

Chloe led from the front with 9 points with Pod’s 7 points including 5 from judging as part of them.

Getting a few more team members down on Friday Night will be key for Aromas to stay in touch with the other two teams this week.

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Team Madison

19.2 - 102

Running total - 193

Some big performances from Gaz G, Amir & Ben earning them a few points between them.

Molly & Ema earned bonus points for being beyond vocal all evening supporting everyone regardless of which team they were on.

Staff Team

19.2 - 37

Running Total 71.

Big hitters this week - Sam & Gem. 

According to SugarWOD, the extra few performance based bonus points go to Chloe, Sara & Lianne on the girls side & Gaz, Amir & Ben on the boys side.

Intramural Open Scores 19.1

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The first week is over. The wall balls have gone back on the shelves and the rowers have logged all the calories. Now it’s time to announce the scores going into 19.2 tomorrow.

How many of you can relate to one of these 19.1 themed memes?

If you need a recap on how points are awarded then make sure you read this

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Team Carson 94

MVP from 19.1 for Team Carson and across all three teams of members was Sana who racked up a huge 14 points. He smashed some bonus points for diving straight in for his first Open workout ever and then sticking around to judge people in his inevitably super positive way! 
Other top performers Rhod 7 points, Joe Rooney, Lisa Ward and Louise all on 6 points. Special mentions need to go to Lisa and Louise who each called out members of staff to help benefit their team!

Rhod collected the most points for judging out of the whole team.

Team Aromas 75

Ed led from the front with 7 points on 19.1 and was ably assisted at the top of the leaderboard by one of his golden oldies, Lianne, with 6 points and fellow captain, Chloe, with 5 points. 

Ed collected the most points from judging this week. 

Team Madison 91

It’s a tie for the most points on Team Madison this week as Ash Sutherland and Ben Parsons both put 6 points on the board. 

Ash collected the most points from judging. 

Extra points

19.1 extra points for coming in the top 3 according to SugarWOD go to Lianne, Charlee, Molly on the girls side and Gaz W, Matt Taylor and Mike Holmes for the boys. 

Team Staff 37

Gaz Wayt scored a huge 15 points while Mike contributed 7. Gaz ran away with 8 judging points this week and showed that it’s not just about doing well on the workout, but being around the gym to help others have a great Open experience.

And now it’s time to get the crystal ball out and guess what’s in store for 19.2 later on today….

If you need some help with guessing then this is a good place to start your working out

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