Four Letter Words

Are you guilty of using four letter words in your CrossFit class?  Do you hear four letter words being used around you?

We know that as people engage in difficult work they might swear, and they may even swear in frustration when they get something wrong or miss something.  We get it - emotions run high and language filters may slip slightly, but that’s absolutely fine.

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What is not fine however is using one of two poisonous four letter words that you may not even notice that you’re using.  What are there words though?

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Consider the use of language here:

  • “I only did 3 rounds in the AMRAP today”

  • “Oh, you only used 40kg instead of 60kg”

  • “Just do ring rows instead of pull ups”

  • “I just used the 17.5kg dumbbell instead of the 22.5kg”

Whether you are the person using the words, or someone is using those words to describe your effort or performance, look at how negative the sentences become.  

Talking about workout options in a negative manner implies that anything other than what is on the board is a lesser option and will be treated as such.

Viewing yourself as lesser than someone else because they used a heavier weight or went faster than you is a surefire recipe to short circuit your own fitness journey.

What does that say about your self worth? What does that say about how others view your efforts?

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As staff we have various roles and responsibilities.  

One of the responsibilities is to provide an inclusive environment where everyone can make progress towards their own goals without fear of judgement or feeling like a lesser person because their workout didn’t look exactly the same as someone else’s - you’ll get more out using personalised movements and rep ranges if you’ve got limitations or injuries.  

Another responsibility is to help guide people towards an intended workout stimulus such as target finish time or target number of rounds - if 12 people in a class score 9-10 rounds on something and one person gets 6 then they’ve been guided wrongly and that’s the coach’s fault.

We also have a responsibility to make sure that we model correct use of language and pull people up for talking down to themselves.  So don’t be surprised if you catch one of us bringing someone up for talking themselves down!

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IM Open Team Scores 18.2 & 18.2a

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.10.03.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.08.01.png

This week Dave Castro threw everyone into the fire with a deceiving couplet of dumbbell squats and bar facing burpees.  And that was just for starters.  That was the buy in to be able to demonstrate how much you'd been working on your weightlifting over the past 12 months - if you didn't have the lungs then you didn't get to play with that barbell!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.08.10.png

And without further ado, on to the scores and MVPs from the Intramural Open teams, Madison, Carson and Aromas.

Team Aromas scored the most performance points of the three teams this week with 74, but only picked up 21 for judging which moves their grand total up to 183.  Their biggest scorers for the week were Ben P with 8 and Sara F with 7 - both highlighting the benefits to the team total of getting involved in some friendly head to head competition regardless of the actual result!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.08.28.png

Team Madison's points total was massively boosted by Joe R (10) and Katie B (8), who both came in on Monday evening to judge, load bars and cheer people on despite being injured and unable to actually complete the workout - those 5 bonus points each were included in the team judging total of 35 which when added to the team performance total of 67 moves their grand total up to 177.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.08.37.png

Team Carson, despite team captain Zuber accidentally claiming a 410lb clean on 18.2a, earned the most points in total for week 2 with 103, which moves their grand total up to 192!  If only Zuber's maths was as good as his team spirit and work ethic which he scored 9 for!  Special bonus points were also awarded to Helen C who came in on Sunday to help judge, did the workout on Monday morning AND came back in on Monday evening to judge, cheer, help out with bars AND provide a selection of delicious cakes (Joe R also deserves a mention for his role in the cake provision).

All graphs are taken from this post: which is a goldmine for statistical analysis.

What to expect during The Open...


This is the week that The 2018 CrossFit Games season starts.

For anyone who’s missed what we’ve been posting about this then start your reading here, then use this post to answer any questions you might have, and finally this post will remove your potential excuses that prevent you from competing.

For 47 weeks of the year we subscribe to the notion that constant variance allows for increased fitness levels across a longer period of time, and so mix and match the focus of each day in the week within a larger framework.

For the next 5 weeks, there’ll be a bit more of a structure in terms of which day will focus on what to allow for people to fully demonstrate the capacity that they’ve spent all year developing during Friday Night Lights.


So, what to expect:

Monday - regular CrossFit programming with a blend of intensity and volume with pairs and team workouts featuring as usual.

Tuesday - regular CrossFit programming with a focus on the intensity end of the I/V spectrum.

Wednesday - a chance to take the principles from our popular Balance, Strength and Structure classes and apply them to all the CrossFit classes on the day.  Expect chances to work on positional strength, focus on movement quality and develop new skills without seeing the lactic fairy and ending up flat on your back.

Thursday - we will be working on maximising your cardiac output by moving around but without a lot of eccentric loading to give you chance to keep working on our base fitness level but not feel beaten up going into Friday.

Friday - whatever Dave Castro throws at us!

Saturday - a similar format to Monday with pairs and team workouts that blend intensity and volume but don’t overly tax similar movements or muscles that Friday uses.