Intramural Open Scores 19.5 and Total

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Everyone’s favourite worst nightmare of a workout got lengthened and dished out gut checks left, right and centre! 19.5 was a superb chance for people to push their boundaries and loads of you stepped up to the plate with thrusters and pull ups all over the place.

The scores for 19.5 are as follows:

Team Aromas got the highest percentage of their team through the door to contribute in some form to their 19.5 total with 70% of the team chipping in at least 1 point. They also won the week with a total of 81 points made up of 64 performance points and 17 judging points. Their MVPs for the week were Matt and Chloe who each earned 10 points.

Their overall MVPs across all 5 weeks were:

  • Chloe 48

  • Gaby 35

  • Lianne 30

Team Carson managed to get 50% of their team to contribute something to their 19.5 score, and picked up 41 performance points and 15 judging points. Louise led the way and was chased all the way by Lisa as they each picked up 8 points.

Their overall MVPs across 5 weeks were:

  • Louise 52

  • Lisa 40

  • Claire 23

Team Madison earned 74 points for 19.5 from 57 performance points and 17 judging points. They got 63% of their team in at some point for 19.5 and showed great team spirit again. Their biggest scorers of the week were Molly (mainly from sticking around to judge so much) and Nicky (mainly from her dedication to her chest to bar progress).

Their overall MVPs across 5 weeks were:

  • Sara 34

  • Molly 28

  • Ben 26

So, the grand totals are in but before they’re revealed we’d like to take the chance to thank everyone for taking part in another great SCCF event. The data shows that every single person who signed up to be a part of the IM Open contributed at least one point to their team’s total. The atmosphere in the gym every Friday night was insane and we can’t wait to do it all again in October (The Open for 2020 has been brought forwards so we get two chances this year!).

We’d like to thank some people with gifts as they routinely went over and above what was asked with no expectation of anything in return.

The first set of people who we feel deserve something more are the team captains who helped make this whole thing possible. Paul, Chloe, Louise, Rhod, Ed and Lauren - we can’t thank you enough for your efforts in making this event truly special for each person who was involved.

The second group of people who we’d like to recognise are all those who earned at least 10 points for their team from judging alone across the 5 weeks.

From Team Aromas:

Chloe (14), Gaby (12) and Pod (10).

From Team Carson:

Louise (26!!!!!!), Lyndsey (13), Lisa (11) and Rhod (11)

From Team Madison:

Molly (16) and Ema (11)

These prizes are £25 online vouchers and will be issued in person to everyone listed above (including twice to Louise, Rhod and Chloe).

And finally, the total scores from 5 weeks of friendly competition:

Team Aromas = 415

Team Carson = 385

Team Madison = 442

Every member of Team Madison can look forwards to seeing their names and achievement recognised on a banner on the gym wall in the near future.

Congratulations to:

Paul Ragg, Lauren Hanna, Ashley Sutherland, Molly Fowler , Charlee Leachman, Joe Elkin, Mike Hannam, Sarah Jewkes, Rickie Lovell, Amir Khan , Javier Escobar, Ema Fallon, Zuber Khan, Charlotte Dungworth, Neil Shore, Martin Burgess, Joe Wesley, Gareth George, Ben Scott, Jay Ghosh, Holly Searson, Sophie French, Nicky Farmer, Alisha Fleming, Jessica Benyon, Rich Sanzeri, Sara Fenton, Shehreen Tariq, Ben Parsons, James Horner, Chris Cotterill, James Horner, Michal Mroz, Alice Brown, Anna Wilkinson and Danni Jayes.