Intramural Open Scores 19.4

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 11.22.30.png

The burpees are finished and the barbells are back on the floor. Any bar muscle ups are long gone and it’s time to move on into 19.5.

But first, a score breakdown, going into the last week of The 2019 SCCF Intramural Open it’s all to play for with less than 30 point separating the three teams

Team Madison

19.4 = 88

Running Total = 368

Madison had a BIG week - getting the most points on performance with nearly double the amount of people from Madison completing the workout when compared to both Aromas & Carson. Once again utilising the head to heads well to gain more points.  Molly was the top point scorer this week for Team Madison.

Team Carson

19.4 = 64

Running Total = 329

Louise once again earning big points - including a huge 8 points just from judging. 

Team Aromas

19.4 = 66

Running Total = 334 

Gaby’s head of the pack for Aromas this week, earning extra points for baking sweet treats & also helping with the tidy up. 

Ben, Mike & Matt for top spots for males with Sara, Chloe & Charlee for the females.