Intramural Open Scores 19.1

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The first week is over. The wall balls have gone back on the shelves and the rowers have logged all the calories. Now it’s time to announce the scores going into 19.2 tomorrow.

How many of you can relate to one of these 19.1 themed memes?

If you need a recap on how points are awarded then make sure you read this

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Team Carson 94

MVP from 19.1 for Team Carson and across all three teams of members was Sana who racked up a huge 14 points. He smashed some bonus points for diving straight in for his first Open workout ever and then sticking around to judge people in his inevitably super positive way! 
Other top performers Rhod 7 points, Joe Rooney, Lisa Ward and Louise all on 6 points. Special mentions need to go to Lisa and Louise who each called out members of staff to help benefit their team!

Rhod collected the most points for judging out of the whole team.

Team Aromas 75

Ed led from the front with 7 points on 19.1 and was ably assisted at the top of the leaderboard by one of his golden oldies, Lianne, with 6 points and fellow captain, Chloe, with 5 points. 

Ed collected the most points from judging this week. 

Team Madison 91

It’s a tie for the most points on Team Madison this week as Ash Sutherland and Ben Parsons both put 6 points on the board. 

Ash collected the most points from judging. 

Extra points

19.1 extra points for coming in the top 3 according to SugarWOD go to Lianne, Charlee, Molly on the girls side and Gaz W, Matt Taylor and Mike Holmes for the boys. 

Team Staff 37

Gaz Wayt scored a huge 15 points while Mike contributed 7. Gaz ran away with 8 judging points this week and showed that it’s not just about doing well on the workout, but being around the gym to help others have a great Open experience.

And now it’s time to get the crystal ball out and guess what’s in store for 19.2 later on today….

If you need some help with guessing then this is a good place to start your working out

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