SCCF Intramural Open 2019

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What is all this fuss about?

The CrossFit Games Open has returned and with it the Second City CrossFit Intramural Open.  The Intramural Open is designed to get everybody involved and keep the spirit high over the course of the 5 week Open.

For full details and dates, please head over to where you can sign up to the worldwide leaderboard and join the Second City CrossFit affiliate team #SCCFstrong

Just like in previous years, for five weeks there will be two versions of the same workout released for anyone to complete and see how they stack up not only within their gym, but worldwide against all other competing CrossFitters.

The first Friday Night Lights event will be February 22nd.

How will it work?

Three teams have been formed within the walls of SCCF.  Each is captained by two members.  These members have been on a recruiting drive since Friday. If you’re looking for a team to join then grab one of the people shown below and see if they have space in their cap!

Each and every team member is valuable as they can all earn points towards the team total regardless of their score on the actual Open workout.

For 2019, your SCCF teams are:

Team Aromas - captained by Chloe and Ed


Team Madison - captained by Lauren and Paul


Team Carson - captained by Louise and Rhod


How do you earn points?

Team members will then participate in the CrossFit Open workouts each week and have an opportunity to earn points for their Intramural Open team in a number of ways.  They are as follows:

    1    (+1) Each team member that completes an Open WOD with a judge from a different team will earn a point for their team’s total.  RX workouts and scaled workouts score the same.

    2    (+1) The top three male and female RX scores for each week will earn 3/2/1 point(s) for their team total.

    3    (+5)  The team that is deemed to have shown the most spirit during each Friday Night Lights will earn 5 bonus points.

    4    (+1) Any team member completing an Open WOD during Friday Night Lights will earn an extra point for their team.

    5    (+2/+1) Athletes who challenge an athlete from another team to compete in a head-to-head throw down during Friday Night Lights will earn their team an extra 2 points for a win, whilst 1 extra point will be earned for a loss.  All head-to-head match ups must be submitted to Mike via the team captains by Friday 1530.

    6    (+1) Hitting a PB during any of the Open workouts will earn an extra point for their team.

7 (+?) Discretionary bonus points can be awarded at any time for anything that is super special.

   8     (+1) Judging a member of a different team during an Open workout.