SC Compete

We get it.

CrossFit is not only a superb way of staying fit and healthy, but has become an avenue that people can choose to compete in. There are competitions that involve big prize money and international competitors, there are others that involve a few local gyms getting together and having some fun, and there is everything in between.

There has been a growing demand from SCCFers for guidance on how to start to make the transition from every day fitness to competition performance, and now we are pleased to announce that we will be taking the guesswork out of things for people.

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No longer will people have to look externally for super secret workouts that hopefully dovetail in with our SC60 program. No longer will people need to pay for someone who doesn’t know them to tell them where their extra conditioning should be focused or when they should be practicing their gymnastics skills. You won’t be wrecked from the extra deadlifts you added the day before we deadlift in class.

The ultimate goal of SC Compete is to prepare athletes with competitive aspirations to reach their goals. Our main focus will be preparing athletes to be ‘competition ready’ in February-March time frame each year. Each athlete will need to adjust the programming to their own physical and psychological tolerances as well as determine what is the investment necessary to reach their particular goals. For example, an athlete who aspires to qualify for Regional-level competition will approach SC Compete differently than an athlete looking to have fun at a local competition. Both are legitimate goals ands can be accomplished through thoughtful application of the program, but the day to day execution will look very different.

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SC Compete RX and Development are programmed on a 7-day training cycle with 5 training days and 2 rest or recovery days. Each training day consists of three parts -- A, B, C. Parts A (dedicated conditioning, strength, or metcon) and B (our SC60 workout) are prescribed for all athletes and should be accomplished as closely to as written as possible during normal class times if possible. Part C is bias or weakness work which each athlete can choose to follow on a daily basis. We recommend that the athlete pick one bias, follow that track for 3-6 weeks, and then evaluate their progress. You can expect a slightly higher level of skill, heavier loads and sometimes more volume with SC Compete RX. Whether you complete the programme in one or two sessions in a day will be dependent on your schedule and staff can help advise you.

SC Compete will also be used as the base programme for SCCF to select a squad (or squads) for Strength in Depth in November 2019. If you know anyone with aspirations of representing SCCF at SiD please direct them towards a conversation with Mike as soon as possible.