IM Open Final Scores plus more...

And with that, The 2018 SCCF Intramural Open (and The Reebok CrossFit Games 2018 Open) is over!  The thrusters have been thrusted, the chests have touched the bar, the lungs have been scorched and the muscles have been tortured with 5 weeks of epic competition.

The final scores are in………

But first, the 18.5 data:

Team Madison scored 46 performance points and 13 judging points for 56 in total on 18.5.  Rachel and Danni each earned 4 points for their team.

Team Aromas scored 54 performance points and 17 judging points for 71 in total on 18.5.  Rui, Sara F and Nat all chipped in 5 points each.

Team Carson were inspired by their captains Zuber and Gaby who led by example with 9 and 8 points respectively.  The team as a whole scored 54 performance points and a massive 25 judging points for 79 in total on 18.5.


The MVPs from each team across the whole five weeks of action are as follows:

Team Madison - Sam L = 26 & Joe R = 22

Team Aromas - Ben P = 32 & Sara F = 30

Team Carson - Zuber = 40 & Hannah L = 28

Which leads us nicely into the final team totals:


In 3rd place, Team Madison = 364 points

In 2nd place, Team Aromas = 428 points



Your 2018 IM Open winners, Team Carson = 469 points

Team Carson will be celebrated on the wall in the gym as soon as their victory banner arrives!

With the close of the IM Open, it’s also time to launch pre-orders on the next batch of exclusive merchandise.

In the positive spirit with which The IM Open has been conducted, we’ve decided to commemorate it with the assertion that SCCF ES BUENO!

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