IM Open Team Scores 18.4

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Dave Castro shows what many of us were feeling when 18.4's new handstand press up target line was announced!

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The barbell started heavy and got heavier whilst the gymnastics skills started hard and got harder - a classic Open workout for everyone to take part in at last Friday's main event.  This week saw PBs all over the place with people getting inverted and having a great time with their friends.

Team Aromas scored 64 performance points and 28 judging points this week for a total of 92, with Sophie P leading from the front with 8 (4+4), closely followed by Antonio who chipped in 6 (3+3).

Team Madison managed to pick up 59 points this week, with 50 of those coming from performances.  Sam L was the top scorer with 5 (4+1).

Team Carson extended their lead during 18.4 by adding 96 points to their total, made up of 63 from performances and 33 from judging!  Joint top scorers were Clem and Emma Mc who both contributed 6 points - and Emma's were ALL from judging!

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This means that the team running totals are as follows:

Team Aromas = 357 points

Team Madison = 301 points

Team Carson = 390 points


Again, all image credits go to Beyond The WhiteBoard