Four Letter Words

Are you guilty of using four letter words in your CrossFit class?  Do you hear four letter words being used around you?

We know that as people engage in difficult work they might swear, and they may even swear in frustration when they get something wrong or miss something.  We get it - emotions run high and language filters may slip slightly, but that’s absolutely fine.

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What is not fine however is using one of two poisonous four letter words that you may not even notice that you’re using.  What are there words though?

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Consider the use of language here:

  • “I only did 3 rounds in the AMRAP today”

  • “Oh, you only used 40kg instead of 60kg”

  • “Just do ring rows instead of pull ups”

  • “I just used the 17.5kg dumbbell instead of the 22.5kg”

Whether you are the person using the words, or someone is using those words to describe your effort or performance, look at how negative the sentences become.  

Talking about workout options in a negative manner implies that anything other than what is on the board is a lesser option and will be treated as such.

Viewing yourself as lesser than someone else because they used a heavier weight or went faster than you is a surefire recipe to short circuit your own fitness journey.

What does that say about your self worth? What does that say about how others view your efforts?

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As staff we have various roles and responsibilities.  

One of the responsibilities is to provide an inclusive environment where everyone can make progress towards their own goals without fear of judgement or feeling like a lesser person because their workout didn’t look exactly the same as someone else’s - you’ll get more out using personalised movements and rep ranges if you’ve got limitations or injuries.  

Another responsibility is to help guide people towards an intended workout stimulus such as target finish time or target number of rounds - if 12 people in a class score 9-10 rounds on something and one person gets 6 then they’ve been guided wrongly and that’s the coach’s fault.

We also have a responsibility to make sure that we model correct use of language and pull people up for talking down to themselves.  So don’t be surprised if you catch one of us bringing someone up for talking themselves down!

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