How much and when?

At SCCF we commonly focus on doing one thing in classes.

It’s something that has been discussed on our facebook Q+A videos.

The reason for this is quite simple; if you have an hour of your day to get into and out of the gym, then that hour needs to be productive. The Google machine says that productivity is all about efficiency. Getting stuff done in your hour.

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When it comes to your health and fitness, your well being. Doing lots in an hour often leads to doing lots badly- or with the wrong focus. Focusing on quantity over quality. When classes have multiple parts, 3 sets of 5 heavy squats and then Diane (21-15-9 DL and HSPU) for example, our focus is split. Do we truly go heavy on the squats, knowing we will be worse for wear when we take on Diane later?  Or do we save a bit to leave something in the tank for Diane? 


More often than not it’s both. Your focus is split and therefore your effort is too, you save a little bit on the squats, but when Diane rolls around you justify not pushing quite so hard because you have already squatted. Worse still you don’t quite hold yourself to the standard you are capable of during Diane because you already did some squats. Now the quality of both parts of the session has suffered.

At this point your hour becomes very unproductive.

What do we do instead?

At SCCF our classes have one focus. We give you one bit of work on the board to think about. Then we gear the rest of the hour towards that workout.

Doing Diane? Then our class may be spent with 25 minutes of handstand progressions before ‘starting the clock’.

Wednesday’s ‘It Burns’ (In one minute: 8 DB snatch, 8 Down Ups, Max cal row, rest 2:00); we worked on heavy Dumbbell snatches before working hard in the 24 minute piece. Allowing you to focus fully on the task at hand.


Sometimes we focus on a movement, the snatch for example was Thursday’s focus. We built to a heavy, but high quality complex before an 8 minute snatch burpee piece- where we focused on cycling that barbell.

When your health and fitness is the priority, the quality of the work you do matters as much- if not more- than the volume.

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