Why do we write blog posts?

“Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it” - Harper Lee


Why are we writing things? Why should you read them? What is the purpose of it? Want to know answers? Read on...

The coaching team at SCCF put their heads, knowledge, experience and time into research into topics to inform our gym population with important information for you to read, understand and ask questions about. It is also for you to apply in your sessions at SCCF. We do it because it makes you safer, better and gives us more time to coach you rather than have to spend time explaining basic things over and over again. This takes away from the time spent perfecting your movement.

We also like to see people raise questions about the intricacies of strength training or conditioning bias and we could debate about this for eternity, however, any coach worth their salt would tell you that it is only through experiment, failure and evolution that we know what works for us. Therefore, we implore you to heed the advice, suggestions and knowledge that the coaching team try to impart upon you, and ask you to put them into action as well. We do not expect you to take it as the gospel truth, but would like you to think about it, engage with it and practice it when you can. This applies to verbal cues, videos we post as well as the blogs we write.

So to summarise, try to listen to what we write, say and show. Apply it to your training and you will see results as well as allow us to increase the time spent coaching you through more demanding movements or ideas instead of revisiting the basics all the time.