Strength In Depth 2017


This Friday, 23rd June, we'll be hitting the Strength in Depth qualifier in a Friday Night Lights Throwdown, similar to the CrossFit Games Open workouts we did back in the Spring. (All classes on Friday will have the same workout and be able to submit scores, but for the best atmosphere head down in the evening!)

Strength in Depth is a 12 person team competition. Teams must have 7 males and 5 females with one male and one female being a master (either aged 35/40+)

For full details have a look at


For the qualifiers, there are some slightly different formats.

Qualifier 1 is individual and accessible for EVERYONE to do. The results will then help select the 12 person team for the rest of the qualifiers (and the finals!)

Qualifier 2 is in pairs and will take place between 6/7/17 and 4/8/17.

Qualifier 3 is in teams of 4 and will take place between 10/8/17 and 8/9/17.


The top 60 teams will compete in a two day competition final held on 4-5th November at Bath University's world class Sports Village.

Let's get as many people involved as possible! Reignite those rivalries. Have a winner takes all head-to-head clash with someone!!!!!


The workout is open to everyone and the competition is FREE to sign up too!!!! The qualifier is completely scalable (if needed) so is open to all members of all abilities!!!


Join the SCCF team by registering here:

Then when asked to choose a tribe, search for 'SCCF' and you're IN!