Intramural Open - 17.2 Update

The scores have been calculated by an ever expanding team of monkeys on their antiquated typewriters and now it's time to go public with them.....

17.2 points

Green - 78

Top performers - Hannah Lewis, Hannah Novak and Gareth Wayt each contributed 7 points

Purple - 101

Top performers - Sam O'Connor and Gemma Tomkinson each contributed 8 points

Blue - 90

Top performers - Joe Rooney and Tim Bates each contributed 8 points, with 5 of Tim's coming as bonus points for going above and beyond at the end of the night on Friday.  Thanks Tim.

Running totals

Green - 145 points

Purple - 187 points

Blue - 181 points

Other key performance statistics

Only one member of Team Purple didn't contribute any points during 17.2 whereas Team Blue and Team Green had 6 and 8 people respectively increase the team's points total.


  • When you are judging someone and filling in a score card you need to use full names and legible handwriting.  Also, the correct team boxes need to be filled in or points cannot be awarded.
  • If you judge someone from your own team then you won't earn any points for that - you need to be judging people from other teams.  Please also resist the urge to judge your partner regardless of team allegiance - just be their biggest cheerleader!