Intramural Open - 17.5 Results and Final Standings

All the staff at SCCF would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the inaugural Intramural Open and helped make it such a success.  From the members who helped set up and tidy away before and after each workout to the ones who provided some truly delicious snacks and sweets every single week.  From those who made special trips to the gym to make sure they were earning points for their team by judging for others to those who cheered themselves hoarse supporting everyone taking part, regardless of their team allegiance.   There have to be some special mentions though, and they have to go to each of the team captains who were helping out behind the scenes in before 17.1 was announced and still haven't stopped - without them it wouldn't have been possible.

The thrusters have been thrusted and the doubles have gone under.   Everyone had a wild time on Friday night pushing themselves out of their comfort zone - there are even some excellent photos to prove it AVAILABLE HERE

Every team brought down big numbers on Friday and the atmosphere was awesome from start to finish (those who carried on to the pub just had a later finish!).

Scores for 17.5

Blue Team = 69 points with captain Joe leading the way with 10 points

Purple Team = 74 points with Rachel yet again being their MVP with 6 points

Green Team = 57 points with Sara stepping up to the plate in one of her last weeks at SCCF with 7 points.

Overall scores after 5 weeks of intense(ly), friendly competition...........................

Green Team = 348 points

Blue Team = 412 points

Purple Team = 422 points

Probably what Yo and Rich are doing right now!

Probably what Yo and Rich are doing right now!