Intramural Open - 17.4 Update and 17.5 Information

All the scores are in for 17.4.  The deadlifts have been lifted.  The wall has been balled.  The row has been suffered through.  The handstands have been pressed up.

17.4 Team Score and MVPs

Blue - 79 points from 17.4 including 8 from Tess

Purple - 81 points from 17.4 including 8 from Rachel

Green - 66 points from 17.4 including 6 each from Sara and Shannon

Semi-interesting stat of the week - if points were only scored from workout participation (including Friday Night Lights and PB bonuses) for 17.4 Team Blue scored 52, Team Green scored 40 and Team Purple scored 58.

Overall team totals after 4 weeks of competition

Blue = 343

Purple = 348

Green = 291

This week is the final week of the CrossFit Games 2017 Open, and as such it seems fitting to have an even bigger event on the Friday night than we have had for the previous four weeks.  To best enable us to host the biggest Friday Night Lights that SCCF has ever seen the 0630 and 1230 classes are not on the timetable for this week only.  To help celebrate the end of The CrossFit Games Open 2017 and The SCCF Intramural Open 2017 we'd like to then invite all members to bring some food and drinks down to share before making their way off into the Birmingham night (inevitably up the road to The Country Girl!).

So get your team kit on, get your food and drinks ready, grab your scoreboard and prepare for an evening of fun and fitness with friends.

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