How are we different vol. 1

It costs more money per month to be a member of SCCF than it does to be a member of other local gyms.  We know that.  We know that you won’t get fluffy towels handed to you when you arrive, there isn’t an in house beauty salon and the room isn't heated. 

We also know that people who work with us get results.  

Real results.  

Inches lost.  Abs revealed.  Muscles sculpted.  Confidence boosted.  Life made easier.  Energy levels boosted.  Run times reduced.  Sports performance increased.



We also know that people who work with us are part of real relationships.

Each and every person who walks through the door of SCCF matters.  All of our members know that, but sometimes people get confused.  They mistakenly think that by saving some money on their gym membership by joining somewhere else that they’ll be better off.

But sooner or later, they see the error of their ways and they come back.

This week we had an old member rejoin.  She spent a year at another gym and got sick of never speaking to anyone else despite being a regular gym goer.  No-one there cared enough about her to speak to her, to ask her about herself or get to know about her as a person.  She’d been inside the walls of SCCF no longer than 5 minutes on Monday evening and had conversations with 4 different people.  We know this because she told us.  She also told us that that was 4 people more than she’d spoken to in the past year at her other gym.  It doesn't matter now, she's back amongst friends.


Do you go to a gym where people know your name?  Know what you do for a living?  How you spend your spare time away from the gym?  How your family is?  Where you’ve been on holiday?  What your favourite films and music are?

If not, why not?