SCCF Shred and SCCF Stacked FAQs

After speaking with a number of you guys and girls, both in person and electronically since the limited places on these two programmes went live, it’s clear that there are a number of similar questions being raised.  So here are the answers:

Q – Are the payment links working?


A – The TeamUp gremlins that were lurking have all been chased away and you can register to be a part of either Shred HERE:

or Stacked HERE:


Both programmes only have limited places and are selling quickly, so don't miss out on your opportunity to be a part of the group that will help you meet your goals. 


Q – What will the session on Saturday 14th actually consist of?

A – It’ll be a chance for everyone to meet up together, talk through any MyFitnessPal problems face to face, make sure everyone has taken some photos (that they will be willing to share at the end) and allay any fears that you might have.


Q – How long will these supplementary session last?

A – The extra pieces of work will be designed to last 20-30 minutes at the most, and can be completed either before or after a regular SCCF class.  Optimally, one session will be designed to be completed on Monday or Tuesday, one on Wednesday or Thursday and one on Friday or Saturday.  Sunday obviously sits alongside this to catch up anything you’ve missed during the week.


Q - Are the extras all scary difficult things I can't do yet?

A - No, they'll be designed to get a certain response, so if it's something reasonably advanced then I'll provide progressions that get the same stimulus.  For example, max sets of strict pull ups can be altered to be sets of ring rows with a pause at the top where your foot placement allows 10-15 perfect reps.


Q - Which programme is right for me?

A - It depends.  What are your goals right now?

Do you want to uncover a few abs ahead of summer and are you running a bit heavy after enjoying Christmas a bit too much? Shred is the answer you're looking for.

Do you struggle sometimes when the weights in classes are on the heavy side and are you looking at adding some more muscle to your frame?  Stacked is the answer you’re looking for.


If you have any other questions then please don't hesitate to ask me either via the comments section, via email or via Facebook.