December Notices

If we accept that:

Force = mass x acceleration

And we also accept that: 

Force = intensity

And we also accept that intensity is the single variable most commonly associated with favourable adaptations to exercise. 

Then it logically makes sense that we should be manipulating both mass (load used) and acceleration (changes in speed) on a regular basis.

At SCCF, we use a monthly cycle of focus overlaid on our CrossFit programming so that people can't cherrypick their way around workouts that they don't fancy and everyone gets fitter as a result. 

November was all about generating intensity through speed of reps, number of reps and minimal rest time. Now it's December, it's time to alter our focus slightly and work with heavier bars and harder progressions to drive our strength levels up again. October was similar, but this time we're carrying a full month of serious lung work in with us so let's see how far we can push our strength limits so that in January we can flip back to those lighter loads and higher reps.

Our timetable will also be changing shape slightly from Monday 5th December so please take note.

It's getting colder. The nights are drawing in. Everyone's schedules are getting filled up with festive social occasions. Nobody likes doing CrossFit alone - that's why the group sessions have such a great buzz about them. We want to maintain that buzz so we're limiting the opportunities for people to end up training without friends at the gym.

With that in mind, for December we're postponing the 1630 class on Mondays and Wednesdays, trimming the Thursday 1830 and 1930 classes and switching the format of Friday evenings to be a class at 1600 and a class at 1800. 

To help limit confusion at the start of classes, until further notice, Sweat class start times are also being pushed back by 30 minutes so that Tuesday starts at 1800 and Thursday starts at 1900.  Please make sure you know what you're booking on TeamUp!

Lastly, the much anticipated Christmas and New Year opening hours.  Up until Friday December 23rd we'll be holding the same timetable that will be in place from Monday December 5th, after that, for those who want to get a dose of CrossFit in and clear some space for more turkey sandwiches and mince pies, the opening times will be as follows:

Saturday 24th = Christmas Eve Throwdown @ 1400

Sunday 25th and Monday 26th = gym closed

Tuesday 27th = Boxing Day Throwdown @ 1400

Wednesday 28th - Friday 30th = WOD classes @ 1000 and 1100

Saturday 31st = New Year's Eve Throwdown @ 1400

Sunday 1st = gym closed

Monday 2nd = New Year's Day Throwdown @ 1400

Tuesday 3rd = regular opening hours