Time To Switch Gears

Volume is sexy.

We all see high level CrossFit athletes doing two, three, four or more separate training sessions in a day.  

You need to ask yourself a series of questions before getting swept along with the crowd.

Should we be trying to emulate them? Are our goals the same as theirs? What do their recovery techniques look like? What is their nutrition like in terms of quality and quantity? What life stresses do they have to add to the physical stress of training? What are they sacrificing to push their bodies as hard as they do? 

What does this all mean for us at SCCF?

Balance is key, not just in the gym, but in life.  So we are constantly seeking to maintain balance in the above triangle.  A skewed triangle is not as stable as a balanced triangle.

We know that you guys enjoy coming to the gym (because we keep seeing you!) so we know that the corner titled FREQUENCY is always getting expanded.

We know that, given half a chance, a lot of you are tempted to try and do multiple workouts in a day (or even in one visit to SCCF), so the VOLUME piece is taken care of.

What we are now going to be constantly manipulating is the metric associated with driving the corner titled INTENSITY outwards.  Greg Glassman made a great point:

Month by month, we'll be altering how we seek to drive that intensity.  Intensity doesn't just mean going at breakneck speed, it means challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  October was all about using loads or progressions for movements that challenged us on a strength level.  

November is now all about pushing the pace and going a bit faster than you might want to.  That might mean bringing loads down to  level which allows unbroken movement, it might mean using an easier progression to allow you to accumulate more reps, it might mean shortening distances to limit opportunities to slow down, it might mean a shorter time cap than you think should be used for different workouts - in short it probably means that you'll be tasting your lungs more often than ever before!

At the end of the day, we should all bear in mind the following: