Misery Loves Company

Remember when you were new to CrossFit and you started a workout that took you longer than you anticipated?
Remember that feeling of seeing everyone around you finishing their workout but instead of just looking out for themselves and standing around chatting or leaving, they peeled themselves off the floor and came over to cheer you on as you fought through whatever you had left to do?
How would you have felt if they ignored you?  How would you have felt if you were left alone with the workout?

CrossFit puts you on a rollercoaster of emotions - from pure elation after hitting a PB you've been working on for a few months, to abject despair when you see your nemesis movement on the board.  All these varied emotions provide a constant learning experience and are a valuable part of the experience that we seek to give all members.
However there's no reason to endure more peaks and troughs than is strictly necessary, and being left alone while fighting through a tough workout by people who should know better puts people in a very exposed position and can leave them feeling very vulnerable.
The take home point of this piece is that no-one is above giving out a little bit of moral support to their fellow CrossFitter, and no-one's memory should be so short to eliminate memories of when they were the last one to finish.  Remember...

This piece was inspired by a conversation that I had with an anonymous member and now that everyone has been reminded to not be a douchebag, we can go back to all pulling in the same direction as part of the wider SCCF community.
I'd also like to recommend all members, not just the newer ones, explore some of the information available on the internet that offers hints and tips relevant to everyone:
We constantly encourage feedback from you guys, whether it's in person, by phone, email, text or email and seek to act on it as soon as possible, so please don't stop doing this.