SC60? SC30? Extra Credit? Barbell Club?


Recently you will have seen that SugarWOD tracks have been renamed, the gym timetable has more classes than ever before across a wider variety of options, there is a fully loaded SCCF store online and there is more free programming available to SCCF members than ever before.

But what does this all mean? Why have we done this? Who is each bit for?


This is a renamed version of what we were already offering - one hour long CrossFit classes featuring high intensity functional movements and a wide amount of variance. These classes will constantly challenge members with loading, movement selection and movement complexity.


These fresh additions to the timetable are half hour classes on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1745 and 1815. They feature high intensity functional movements with a lower amount of complexity and variance. They are a great option for people who are short on time and need to get in and get out. Thanks to the reduction in complexity, they also allow new members to join a group environment straight away. They are a great start point in anyone’s fitness journey and either help scaffold people towards SC60 classes or become a brilliant standalone fitness program in their own right. If this is something that you or someone you know is looking for, drop us an email to

Extra Credit

Some people may want or need more than the SC60 or SC30 programming to move towards their goals in a more efficient way. These people are encouraged to look at the Extra Credit track on SugarWOD. Each day will have a variety of complimentary pieces for that day’s class, depending on what the class was, including Strength, Gymnastics, Conditioning and Aesthetics. We strongly encourage members to discuss their goals with a member of staff before starting picking up some Extra Credit pieces, and please stick with one thread for 4-6 weeks before reassessing your goals.

Barbell Club

On a Tuesday and Saturday we have standalone weightlifting focused classes with the goal of improving both people’s weightlifting technique and overall strength levels. Expect more focus on weightlifting and strength training with limited conditioning.

IM Open Final Scores plus more...

And with that, The 2018 SCCF Intramural Open (and The Reebok CrossFit Games 2018 Open) is over!  The thrusters have been thrusted, the chests have touched the bar, the lungs have been scorched and the muscles have been tortured with 5 weeks of epic competition.

The final scores are in………

But first, the 18.5 data:

Team Madison scored 46 performance points and 13 judging points for 56 in total on 18.5.  Rachel and Danni each earned 4 points for their team.

Team Aromas scored 54 performance points and 17 judging points for 71 in total on 18.5.  Rui, Sara F and Nat all chipped in 5 points each.

Team Carson were inspired by their captains Zuber and Gaby who led by example with 9 and 8 points respectively.  The team as a whole scored 54 performance points and a massive 25 judging points for 79 in total on 18.5.


The MVPs from each team across the whole five weeks of action are as follows:

Team Madison - Sam L = 26 & Joe R = 22

Team Aromas - Ben P = 32 & Sara F = 30

Team Carson - Zuber = 40 & Hannah L = 28

Which leads us nicely into the final team totals:


In 3rd place, Team Madison = 364 points

In 2nd place, Team Aromas = 428 points



Your 2018 IM Open winners, Team Carson = 469 points

Team Carson will be celebrated on the wall in the gym as soon as their victory banner arrives!

With the close of the IM Open, it’s also time to launch pre-orders on the next batch of exclusive merchandise.

In the positive spirit with which The IM Open has been conducted, we’ve decided to commemorate it with the assertion that SCCF ES BUENO!

Please head over to the ZP store to see all the colour options and to grab yours before the deadline of Saturday 14th April.

NB, all members of Team Carson are eligible for a 10% discount on their SCCF ES BUENO order, please email to order instead of going through the website

Post-Open Programming

Now that The CrossFit Games Open is over for another year, it’s time to switch things up a little bit. 

So, whilst the previous 5 weeks have had a structure in place built around putting out your best performance on a Friday, they’ve also served as a testing ground for various concepts and ideas.  The feedback we’ve had from the Wednesdays when WOD classes have been a similar format to the Balance, Strength and Structure classes has been overwhelmingly positive.  People have also expressed some level of surprise that even though Thursdays have had a reasonably high volume of work in them, they’ve still felt fresh and recovered for Fridays.

The next 11 weeks will take elements from a Westside-inspired conjugate system of strength development (with some days being heavier, some days being about moving light weights fast and some days focusing on getting plenty of high quality reps in), blended with lots of opportunities to raise your level of aerobic development (think heavy breathing but sustained effort levels), plenty of chances to spend time working on some of the smaller, sometimes neglected supporting muscles (single arm, single leg and tempo work) and weekly doses of classic CrossFit in a team based setting.

All of these elements when blended together give you the best chance over the next eleven weeks, to experience new styles of training, different movements and new forms of growth physically and mentally.

There are four main reasons behind this subtle shift that will carry us through the next eleven weeks:

1 - From various conversations with you guys and girls, it’s became clear that pushing the intensity button really hard a couple of days a week has left you feeling pretty tired and beaten up.

2 - Building a more sturdy base of healthy muscles and joints will allow longer term development of higher skilled movements as well as the ability to move larger loads.


3 - Summer is coming (honestly, it really is!) and we want you guys to look and feel the best you can by the time the sun comes out.


4 - Anyone that doesn't periodise their training in some way, shape or form is drastically increasing their risks of getting injured and/or burned out.

Now that there could be as many as three BSS-style days of programming in a regular week we have temporarily taken the 1800 class on a Monday off the timetable - now there are way more opportunities for you to work in similar styles of classes without having to try and make sure you're free on a Monday evening.