September News


I'm not sending out these emails so frequently these days but here are a few things worth bringing to your attention. There's a list controlling who get's this email. We've had a few ins and outs since my last refresh of the list. I've spent some time updating the list but if you don't want to receive these mails find the unsubscribe link at the bottom.

A quick reminder of a date for your diaries... 21st September is fast approaching.
To celebrate a date formed by a of a trio of CrossFit's favourite numbers we're going to encourage you to attend your class in fancy dress. Make as little effort as possible to come along impersonating one of your sporting heroes.

Rolling membership rates as of Sept 2015

Below is a revised list of membership options. As an existing member none of this has to affect you. By default your current rate and conditions remain unaffected. However, if you feel that there is something which better suits you here please drop me a message via the contact us form on the website.

Some rational behind these changes to pricing. We want to present the same discounts to all. We want to encourage commitment to the box in a way we can reward.

There is a small change to the current Limited (3x a week) membership. Rather than being fixed at 3 classes a week, the class allocation is now 13 classes per month. This is to allow a bit more flexibility with how you use your training days.

One further thing to say on the Limited membership options. If you find you've burned through your entire months allocation ahead of schedule, fret not! Drop me a line and for £15 you can purchase UNLIMITED access to the box for the remainder of the month.
Billing Cycle (months) Limited Unlimited
1 £65 £75
2 £125 £145
3 £175 £200
4 £220 £255
12 - £720
  • All membership packages allow CrossFit WOD classes and SCBC weightlifting classes
  • Limited membership allows 13 classes per month
  • Additional discounts are NOT applicable to these rates
  • Limited membership does NOT include open gym use*
*With regard to open gym. Turning up 15 minutes before a class to mobilise, get warm and handle your goat work is something we encourage. Similarly spending a bit of time after class to stretch and cool down is also good practice and NOT viewed as open gym usage.

Timetable tweaks

Starting w/c/ 15th Sept we're adding 0630 classes to Tuesday mornings and an 1830 class on Thursday. The other timetable announcement is...
Starting with the Thursday 1730 (Pay As You Go) slot we're looking to provide some toe-dipping free classes. These classes are suitable for ALL non-members. Movements and intensity will be reflected in this but as you'll all be aware we can 'punish' you plenty with very little equipment and devious simplicity. If you've a friend looking to dip their toe in this could be the perfect opportunity.


  • On-site physiotherapy available to all! We're lucky enough to have Gemma Tomkinson as lead practitioner who brings many years experience working in the NHS, in private practice and with the FA. The clinic will be available to SCCF members for the discounted rate of £25 per session. Contact Gemma directly for appointments. Tel: 07971 518359 or e-mail
  • SCCF MEMBERS GROUP - Join the members group on Facebook to see box announcements and general banter. 
  • SCBC has a similar page for news on all that's going on there. 
  • PT - This seems to be something of a dark secret but some of the coaches are available for personal training. If you or a friend wants some one-on-one help getting fitter, developing specific skills, having your movement scrutinised, fine tuning your training and/or diet or something so specific and bizarre I'm struggling to imagine. Grab a coach or drop a line via the contact us form. 
  • Everybody be cool
  • Any questions? If it's something you've wondered about chances are others have too.