Thursday 4th December 2014

The Winter Games is only 2 days away!!

It's designed so everyone can come and compete - there are two divisions and you won't know who your partner is until right before the first event. After the fun and frolics at the gym are over, Mim has booked a table for 20 to eat at The Dark Horse in Moseley. Make sure you've chosen your menu in the Members Group! After The Dark Horse, the whole crew is moving to The Church Inn in the Jewellery Quarter to continue the festive fun.

Make sure you book your place at The Winter Games through TeamUp today.

Today's workout A1 - Front squat 3 x 4 A2 - Jumping lunge 3 x 10

B - In teams of 3, relay format: Row 1000m Run 800m

Next person starts when the rower is clear