Time To Tweak


In the interests of constantly improving your daily experiences at SCCF we've decided to change a couple of things around.

Sometimes everyone has felt rushed in their hour long class and like they wanted to delve a bit deeper in on subjects or movements that they felt like they were just scratching the surface with. So for the next few weeks the majority of classes will have a single focus. Expect more practice time, rounds of workouts done at different loads to help choose the right weight or exercise progression more accurately and fewer opportunities to hold something back for the next bit. 

That being said, we know that some people want to do more work to help them reach their goals. For those members interested in developing faster and further within the sport of fitness there'll be an extras board with suggestions of extra work pieces that compliment the class of the day and can be completed either before or after if you've got a membership that allows Open Gym. These pieces do not replace classes, but are designed to add to classes.