Glenn Pendlay Seminar 23rd April 2017

This Sunday we are proud to host Glenn Penally on his UK tour.  Our timetable is slightly adjusted to accommodate this and there will still be Sweat classes, but at the slightly different times of 0800 and 1300.  There will be open gym available alongside these Sweat classes but the one hour slots will be strictly enforced.

This will be a 1 day weightlifting seminar.  We will cover efficient performance of the lifts and of course building strength that is applicable to the lifts.  This will be a training seminar, and the focus will be on training.  We will not just go over different training strategies we will demonstrate, perform, and also explain WHY you would employ things like EMOM sets, isometrics, drills like the jerk step and why using percentages is often not the best way to record training.

Glenn Pendlay has developed lifters like Jon North, Donny Shankle, Jared Fleming, James Moser, James Tatum.  Even when moving from Texas, to California, to South Carolina he has continually developed world team members wherever he goes.  Find out what he does differently, and what you can learn from him.

Start time will be at 9 a.m. one hour break for lunch ends at 6 p.m.
Bring your weightlifting shoes and get ready to train!

There are still tickets available for the bargain price of $99 here: