Saturday 27th August

Chantelle stuck with a weight heavier than she wanted to today and smashed out the reps unbroken! Amy was impressive on her touch and go staying strong! Griff and Crooky aka "team tash and tanned" put in a good time and stayed strong! Joe and Ricky worked well together putting in the work and leaving with a nice time on the board! Tim worked really hard on trying to nail every movement, he listened and picked up the coaching points straight away, great person to coach!

Marcella dropped in from Newquay CrossFit and had a blast with Sarah Brewer! Scott, Diego, Janusz and Zhong went hard at it! Hannah and Shannon moved really well and kept up a strong pace throughout! While Helen and Ayden slogged away showing good movement from start to finish! Finally congrats to Zhong who achieved his first ring muscle up with coach Crook's support!


A) Build to a heavy set of:
1 Snatch Pull1 Snatch
Then 5 x 1@85%

B) AMRAP 9 mins:
3 Power snatch @60/42
1 round of Cindy